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Dr Darnae Santos

I'm Dr Darnae Santos, A Medical Doctor at Innohealth Clinics

MBChB (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

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My Story

From a young age, Dr Darnae Santos was drawn to the noble calling of medicine, inspired by a deep-seated passion for aiding those in need. Her journey into the medical profession is marked by both dedication and academic excellence, beginning with her graduation from the esteemed University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2018. Dr Santos's unwavering commitment to healthcare was further evidenced during her internship at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital in KZN, followed by her invaluable community service at Helen Joseph Hospital in Gauteng, where she dedicated herself to serving communities with the greatest needs.


Dr Santos's professional path is distinguished by her diverse experiences across various emergency units in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape. This range of experiences has endowed her with a rich tapestry of knowledge and skills, making her adept at providing top-tier medical care to her patients.


Now a proud resident of Cape Town alongside her family, Dr Santos is poised to make a significant impact within the local community at Innohealth Clinics Athlone. Her medical philosophy is grounded in a holistic approach, prioritizing the needs and well-being of her patients above all. She upholds values such as respect and trust as the pillars of her practice, reflecting a deeply compassionate and patient-centred approach to healthcare.


Outside the clinic, Dr Santos cherishes the time spent with her husband and two sons, embodying the essence of work-life balance and the importance of family and community bonds. These personal values deeply inform her professional demeanour, further enhancing her dedication to her patients' care.


Dr Darnae Santos's addition to the Innohealth Clinics Athlone family is met with great enthusiasm. Her remarkable background, coupled with her profound commitment to compassionate care, ensures that she will be an invaluable asset to our team and the community we serve.


Want to see Dr Santos in our rooms or online?

Email or give us a call at:

021 203 1898

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