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Walk-in Care

We can be trusted in your time of need. Walk in and see a Doctor when you need.

Burns, bruises, cuts, and other non-life-threatening injuries are just a few of the many medical issues that general practitioners, usually referred to as primary care physicians, are trained to manage. Most of the time, these types of injuries can be treated by a general practitioner without the need for specialized care.

A general practitioner must determine the severity of the damage and administer the proper care when treating burns. The general practitioner may advise bathing the afflicted area with cool water after mild burns and applying a moisturizing cream or lotion to help the skin heal and avoid infection. The patient may need to be sent to a burn center for specialized care in more severe circumstances by the general practitioner.

A general practitioner can also handle the treatment of bruises. Most of the time, ice and rest can help to lessen pain and swelling. To help with any discomfort, the general practitioner may also suggest over-the-counter painkillers. Bruises can occasionally be an indication of a more serious underlying problem, therefore it's critical that the general practitioner thoroughly evaluates the injury and, if necessary, refers the patient for more testing.

A general practitioner can also treat common injuries like cuts and lacerations. The doctor will clean the wound and decide whether or not stitches are required to seal it. A bandage or adhesive bandage may be sufficient in some circumstances to aid in the wound's appropriate healing. Regular examinations by a family doctor are necessary to make sure the wound is healing properly and to guard against infection.

The ability to identify and treat non-life-threatening wounds like burns, bruises, cuts, and other conditions that could need urgent medical attention is generally required of general practitioners. General practitioners may guarantee that patients receive the care they require to recover from their injuries and preserve their general health by giving them timely and suitable treatment.

While we are well-equipped to address the majority of the problems mentioned above, where necessary, our doctor will recommend you to the proper hospital for additional care and research.

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