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Amy-Jade Van der Vent

I'm Ms Amy-Jade Van Der Vent, A Physiotherapist at Innohealth Clinics

B.Sc Physiotherapy (Hons) (University of Western Cape)

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My Story

I am Amy-Jade van der Vent, a physiotherapist (BSc, Hons from the University of the Western Cape) with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care setting. I have no fancy inspirational story that landed me in this career path, but what I do know is that I have an established passion and zest for helping those in need and extending my role as a public servant, which is the very essence of Physiotherapy. My interests within the physiotherapy realm include: sports physiotherapy / NMS/ orthopaedics, in the outpatient setting.


I am strong willed, a hard worker and an opportunist always striving to improve myself and my set of skills.  With this being said, I love that I am enabled to share my knowledge and skill set to help people help themselves and to see them improve their function and re-integrate into their societal roles. All my patients are people first with real problems and I vouch for listening to what they have to say and not solely focusing on the biomedical problem (medical condition) but to look outside of this and how their pain affects their daily lives as well as how I can facilitate to make that easier for them.

My upbringing: I'm a young woman who was raised in the northern suburbs of the Mother City (Belhar, Blue Downs and Kuilsriver). I have been involved in quite a few sporting codes (figure skating, soccer, softball, swimming and ballet) . This is something I continually enjoy and what I feel is immensely maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.

I am an advocate for practising what you preach and a true believer that movement is medicine (feel free to have a look at my physio Instagram page: movewith_amy).


Want to see Ms Van der Vent in our rooms or online?

Email or give us a call at:

021 203 1898

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