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Healthcare where you are

My Pocket Health provides you with quality and affordable healthcare right on your phone. See your Doctor, get your medical scripts and sick certificate, all in the app. Book now and experience the future of healthcare.

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Accessible, affordable and quality healthcare now on your phome


Accessible healthcare is essential for ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive the medical care they need. My Pocket Health makes that possible by removing the physical barriers that were previously necessary. Making use of online consultations, telemedicine, and through the use of mobile apps to monitor health and manage chronic conditions we can make it easier for people to access the care they need.


Affordable healthcare is essential for ensuring that all individuals have access to medical care and treatment. Without access to affordable healthcare, many people may struggle to pay for necessary medical services, leading to poor health and potentially even financial ruin. My Pocket Health offers healthcare at a fraction of the cost of what traditional brick and mortar practice can.


Quality healthcare is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. It allows individuals to receive the medical care they need to prevent and treat diseases, and to manage chronic conditions effectively. Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right, and it is crucial for promoting overall health and well-being in society. With the use of technology My Pocket Health take this to a whole new level by using live data collection and artificial intelligence.

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